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Help for Homeless Persons - Information

Service Providers

Service Providers

London Homeless Coalition

City of London Central Library

City of London

Meal Calendar and Food Bank List

Mission Services

January 2020 Meals and Food Banks

Salvation Army – Centre of Hope


Unity Project


Table 1: Service Providers & Agencies Who Can Help Homeless Persons



      One evening I walked past a busy Shoppers Drug Mart near Huron and Adelaide. As I neared the doors, I saw a young man seated on the concrete with a sign that simply said “FORGOTTEN.” Somehow that one word on that cardboard sign hit home. It’s worth looking at London’s services for homeless persons. Are these services difficult to access? Are they understaffed and underfunded?

We see homeless persons at busy intersections standing on concrete medians with a cup out and a sign like the one above. We also see this on the new Dundas “flex street” where homeless persons sleep in storefronts. Some of them even have sleeping bags and cardboard to protect them from the weather.

The City of London has tried in many ways to deal with homelessness: prevention, immediate help, research and collaboration with existing service providers such as Mission Services of London, The Salvation Army Centre of Hope, Unity House etc. The City of London Prevention and its staff can be reached at this site

The London Homeless Coalition works with and for homeless persons. The coalition is made up of service providers and others interested in tackling this longstanding problem in London. Agencies and individuals can join this coalition by completing the form at this site and attending meetings regularly, http://londonhomeless.ca/join/

Homelessness has become a major problem in large urban areas across Canada. Small towns and cities face the issue as well, but many are drawn to large cities because there are more services available. It does seem that there is a disconnect between those who feel “forgotten,” and the service providers and government programs that provide services to homeless persons.


Written by: David Dimitrie, comments on this article are welcome. Send them to ddimitrie06@gmail.com